The landscape of artificial intelligence is moving away from the cloud and closer to us

As the director of the marketing department of Curiosity Ai B.V., I’ve received an article topic: “On-device LLM’s in 2024, the new trend.”

Based on our research, the demand for on-device Large Language Models (LLMs) has seen a significant uptick as we step into 2024. This technology is leading the charge in AI, bringing numerous advantages to consumers and industries alike.

The privacy implications alone are a game-changer. With data processing on-device, sensitive information no longer needs to traverse to the cloud, minimizing exposure and enhancing user trust. Speed is another major benefit; on-device processing eliminates the latency tied to cloud communication, providing instant AI feedback.

Moreover, the growing sophistication of these LLMs means that devices are transforming from mere tools into intelligent personal assistants, capable of delivering highly personalized services. This trend is supported by technological giants like Qualcomm, which predicts personal devices to evolve beyond standard responses to ones that are experientially rich and tailored to the individual’s context in real-time.

The market impact is undeniable, with predictions of a doubled consumer electronics market share by 2025. Notably, new GenAI smartphones equipped with on-device LLMs suggest just how transformative this tech could be.

At Curiosity Ai B.V., we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of AI innovations. We are monitoring these trends closely and are excited about the possibilities on-device LLMs bring to the table, both for our products and our clients.

For more comprehensive insights, visit our detailed research report.
On-device Large Language Models: The Frontier of Personalized AI in 2024